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It's new!

Looking for a photobooth in Exeter or the South West? Planning a wedding or event and need entertainment?

Look no further...book a Zing Ping Create-a-mation booth instead. Zing Ping animation booths represent the next level in digital media party entertainment!

Our aim is to help ensure your event is the most memorable it can possibly be for both you and your guests. Don't settle for a traditional photobooth, make some moving memories with the original and best in animation entertainment booths.

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It's easy!

Once you've experienced it for yourself, you'll wonder why no-one did it sooner. If you have ever seen a photobooth or video booth in use, you will know how popular they are, we think that our animation booths are far superior because they take something still and bring it to life.

At Zing Ping, we know that play time is fun! There is nothing like the magic of animation to get your guests playing together. It's so simple for your guests to get involved, we are dedicated to making your event a roaring success; here is what our customers are saying about us...

'Just one word.... epic!!! We love it thank you so much'

Claire (Bride)

'Wow!!!! So cool! Love it! Thank you so much so many have said to us how much fun it was to do and love the end result! Really pleased we saw you too'

Carl and Faye (Bride and groom)

'This makes me so happy, thank you Zing Ping!'

Fabian (Groom)

What you get!

Create-a-mation booth vs standard photobooth.

We think that our Create-a-mation booths are better value for money and much more entertaining than standard photobooths, once you've experienced it we're sure you'll agree but until then here's some reasons why:

Wedding extras also avaliable from Zing Ping:

Bespoke save the date animation clips

Send them out to your guests. Also available as 'thanks for attending' messages.

Table animation kits for your wedding breakfast

Break the ice and we'll add the footage to your show-reel.